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Customer Testimonials, Round 10: Flowers in Her Hair

Gonna keep the chit-chat short & sweet. Here's your overdue customer testimonial post, interspersed with lovely photos of girls with flowers in their hair. Just because it makes me think of summer...

Thank you; the flowers met our expectations and made the setting and the evening more memorable. (T.K. chose "Tender Trio", a simple arrangement with three blush-pink roses)

Model: Lily Donaldson - Flower: faux dogwood

Friends! SIMPLY OUTSTANDING service and the flowers were top quality! I wanted the best for my bride and you clearly are the best. Well worth the price. Actually looked like the picture on the web page. Well done all. Simply outstanding. Many thanks. You...[have] fabulous service for customers. I will be using you again. (and yet another classic, "Expression of Love")

Model: unknown - Flower: corn poppy

...thank you so much! I live in India, so my sister waited for me to wake up just now to tell me that she received flowers, and she is delighted. So, so am I. Thanks again; to have them delivered at such short notice! Special thanks to your local team as well, please do let them know. (the "Be Happy Bouquet" made this overseas love-sharing possible)

Model: Unknown - Flower: miniature daisies

I just wanted to write and say a huge 'thank you' for the lovely job you did with the flowers I ordered from you. I ordered them online all the way from little old New Zealand to have them sent to friends in Oklahoma. I was just so impressed with how quickly they got them and how easy it was to order them off your website. I would definitely recommend you to others. (another overseas correspondence; the "Festive Wishes" arrangement sent jovial sentiments to faraway friends)

Model: unknown - Flowers: daisies, baby's breath, clover

That's all she wrote. Told you I was going to keep it short & sweet. Happy sunny Friday!

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