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Customer Testimonials, Round 42


(bluebird, and all subsequent images, via Blooms and Birds)

Well, I have no real explanation as to why this installation of the customer testimonial postings will feature birds. Perhaps it truly is that I stumbled (or, rather, tumbl'd) upon the image above - of a dusty bluebird perched and puffed - and then decided that this whole pust should be full with avian color, flash, feather.

(Whatever the reason I am happy with the choice.)

(black-throated bushtit)

Thank you very much for the "Pacific Paradise" arrangement. It was perfect and sitting on the table when we arrived. Great job. It's nice to know there's still wonderful service by great people. Thank you. 

(round robins)

Thank you for being so punctual in the delivery of my order. The flowers were beautiful, and I was an automatic hit with my wife! 

(rose breasted grosbeak)

Just wanted to say that the Flowers that you had delivered last night were absolutely beautiful. Thank you! 

(pileated woodpecker)

Thank you. The Flowers were perfect! Everyone did their job in helping us to have a wonderful evening. Well done on your part, and thanks again. 

(Rufous hummingbird)

Thank you...the flowers were SPECTACULAR and my wife loved them...thank you! 


How to Incorporate Floral Prints into Your Summer Wardrobe

I really, truly do love a good floral print - socks, dresses, cravats, even wallpaper - but am not wont to actually wear them, as I have an odd aversity to pattern AND color that is, for all intents and purposes, rather inexplicable.

But! This summer I've been liking the idea of incorporating subtler, more unique, "natural" or "earthy" prints into my everyday-wear. Although I will say that I might just utterly prefer to scope such prints, patterns, and dyes on others (the subway is a wonderful place to collect free fashion advice).

So, for our collective edification, I've compiled a few smart and subtle summer-time floral-print options for men and women. Do please note that the prices, aesthetics, and materials are wide-ranging BUT that all of the following items have been sourced from companies or sellers that utilize sustainable, vintage, eco/green, fair trade, recycled or upcycled materials and practices. You figure: one should be green whilst wearing green, yeah?


(Pa:Nuu cactus swim short & emobi blue flower bandeau-ring set)

Bold color and symmetry are keys to succesful floral prints - modern but retro, striking but demure. I am particularly fond of these Pa:Nuu trunks; cacti most certainly fall under the category "floral" (or, well, they can and do if I say so) and I really dig the clean lines and 1960s cartoon cowboy aesthetic.


(ASOS "puma" fair trade scarf & paramountvintage flower turban scarf)

Ah. Scarves. Really not much to say about them other than they're so versatile whatever your style preferences or needs. I don't fancy that I pull them off too well, but I often see them tied up in waves and knots on heads and necks and on belt loops and in pockets.


(artfullyurban 90s tie front top & LARidas vintage floral print button-up)

There are such a wide variety of floral prints for button-up tops that I think work so well (see above: large, billowing flowers overlaying black; tiny, almost pointilist, flowers that are as versatile as they are stare-inducing) that anyone, really anyone, can wear them. And just about any which way, too. Summertime outings almost require that such patterns be worn (in appreciation of nature, of course!).


(People Tree recycled sari clip purse & devoted 2 vintage 1960s geometric-floral skinny mod tie)

Both the coin purse and the tie are so clean, so unique. And there's an experimentation with shapes, arrangement, and such a careful use of color that I could never say no.

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

NOTE: I am also a firm believer that fresh flowers on the kitchen table, perhaps at least once a week or every two weeks, is a lovely way to incorporate nature's design into our everyday life. And they just make you feel so...happy, and relaxed, and nostalgic for any time you've spent outdoors or happy or in love.


Customer Testimonials, Round 41: Mother's Day Version

Oh me, oh my; I can hardly believe Mother's Day 2013 has already passed, though it's only been some hours, the daylight's just slipped away and back again. This year I did not send either of my mothers (birth mother and mother-in-law) flowers - instead I made cards with envelopes to fit them. They'll be a day or two late since they only went out in the mail yesterday but I figured, hey, for a "holiday" like this it's the thought that counts, right?

Aboslutely right.

So, without further ado, and without much need for explanation of this post's "theme", here are some more of those great customer testimonials that remind us why we got into the flower business in the first place:


Thank you. The Flowers were perfect! Everyone did their job in helping us have a wonderful evening. Well done on your part...Thanks again. 



Thank you so much for your service! The flowers were beautiful and impressive and added a wonderful atmosphere to the table! 


Hello, I just wanted to say 'Thank You' for the lovely flowers you provided for my granddaughter's birthday dinner. The Gerbera daisies were such pretty colors and very fresh! Thank you.

You did a spectacular job. The flowers were the most beautiful white roses I have ever seen. Well done, and thank you. You are my new choice for flowers! 


The beautiful arrangement and birthday card were delivered timely and were on our table at the restaurant when we arrived. I'm always a little uncomfortable when using an online service for the first time - but this was a great transaction all the way around. Thanks for being accountable and punctual. 


5 Things to Do with Dead Flowers



As I write this a tin of dead flowers sits skelton-like on a high shelf in my bedroom. When the arrangement was alive it included lavender, forsythia, and asiatic lilies; it had been given to me by a friend after my thesis performance showcase (I cried, of course). Included in the mix is a dead gerbera daisy that used to be the color of macaroni and cheese. Now I'd say it's more of a canary yellow.


Anyway, since warmer weather's finally upon us and I feel especially crafty in the spring, and also because I'm keen on upcycling or reusing anything and everything I can, I figured I'd present you with 5 ways to repurpose those dead floral arrangements on your kitchen table or night-stand. I tend to think that dead flowers are beautiful in-and-of-themselves, but it doesn't hurt to feel like they're being "put to good use" and nost just collecting dust as if forgotten.


  1. DRIED FLOWER WREATH - I found this wonderful video, narrated and demonstrated by Judith Blacklock, that provides a step-by-step method for arranging and affixing dried flowers (and other assorted items) to an undecorated wreath-frame. She uses a wooden wreath and adds to it dried hydrangea and lavender along with dried apple slices and cinnamon sticks.
  2. POTPOURRI - The Mother Nature Network has a great how-to article on making your own potpourri mix at home. This project is a bit more "involved" than the previous but isn't really that difficult at all. I also adore the idea of putting the finished batch into tiny satchels and using them as "fresheners" - be that for clothes, closet, wastebin, etc.
  3. PRESSED FLOWER FRAME - This is a miniature craft-project I'd really love to do. Plus, it's über-simple, inexpensive, and an inventive way of reusing a dying floral arrangement. Mother Earth News has a great little article explaining what you need (flowers, an old magazine, flower mat, and frame) and how to execute the craft well.
  4. HOMEMADE PAPER - "The paper itself always contained some bits of garden ephemera, moss or rose petals, dried herbs and threads from scraps of fabric." Over at the Faire Garden blog there's a wonderful post about hand-making paper - and no, it isn't nearly as difficult as you might thing. It does require a bit more preparation, which translates into a bit more commitment, but the satisfaction you'd feel upon completion!
  5. DEAD FLOWER ARRANGEMENT - Of course, there is always the option of keeping the dead flowers just as they are: in the same vase, perhaps with the water emptied out (if you're more diligent than I am). I quite like the way they look. 



Customer Testimonials, Round 40: End-of-Hiatus Version!



Hello again!

The two-month hiatus hath been squashed and I, your resident blogger, am back and ready for regular updates once more.

I'll keep the rambling short for this, the first-post-back, as I would like to provide a host of customer testimonials (those certainly haven't stopped coming in!) and photographs of May flowers that've been brought up by April showers. Oh, and, well, you should also anticipate some newer/better/more diverse entries, both here and on the Flowerpetal Facebook page. It's great to be back - and oh, the places we'll go!

So, without further ado --

("April Showers" by Peter E. Lee)

I just wanted to say 'Thank You' for the lovely flowers you provided for my granddaughter's birthday dinner at The Greens Restaurant. Ther gerbera daisies were such pretty colors, and very fresh! 

The flowers arrived at our table at the English Grill. It was our 32nd anniversary. And the flowers were a hit. My wife loved them. Thank you. 

Dear Flower Petal...I just wanted to express my thanks for the lovely bouquet that you presented to my granddaughter at the Urban Farmer restaurant in Portland. We wished to surprise her at the luncheon. The flowers were fresh, exquisitely arranged, and there were quite a lot of them. Trusting businesses out of town and out of our knowledge is sometimes a chancy business. You definitely made us proud! Thank you, again, for your excellence. 

(April showers can be snow showers, too - Dartmoor, Devon, England)

As usual you did a great job. This is why I give Flowerpetal ALL my business and also GREAT job to the drive - I put down the old address and he found the correct one, delivering it before 2. Thank you for  ajob well done. 

You guys rock! My one and only never suspected the flowers! Thanks so very much. Five-star service.